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As a vehicle traverses an unpaved road, dust clouds are formed by the wind shearing action generated from the passing vehicle. The wind shear lifts particles that are smaller than 0.425 mm (sand size and smaller) from the road surface to generate a dust cloud. A dust suppressant that adheres the finer particles into larger agglomerated masses can increase the particle size and weight of the dust prone particles and significantly reduce the amount of dust generated by the passing vehicle. The independent Roads and Transport Technology Division of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) based in South Africa, tested the agglomeration potential of PennzSuppress® D. The results of the testing confirm that PennzSuppress® D is very effective in agglomerating smaller particles into larger particle masses that are less susceptible to form airborne dust.

CSIR tested the agglomeration potential of PennzSuppress® D on four different road aggregates that include granite, andesite, chert, and ferricrete. The testing consisted of applying a 4:1 dilution (four parts water to one part PennzSuppress® D) at three different application rates of 1.5 l/m2, 2.0 l/m2, and 2.5 l/m2 (equivalent to 0.33 gal/yd2, 0.44 gal/yd2, and 0.55 gal/yd2, respectively) to each aggregate. The results indicate that the 2.5 l/m2 (0.55 gal/yd2) application rate was the most effective at agglomerating the dust particles. A comparison of the percent reduction in particle size from PennzSuppress® D treated aggregates compared to untreated control is summarized in the following table.

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